'13 Reasons Why' you should have a pair of Culottes!


Hey Everyone!

I'm writing this blog post this week with my eyes half open, watching '13 Reasons Why' and cuddled under my favorite blanket! My kiddos have been so sick this past week. It's been the absolute worst. I feel so terrible for them, and we legit get zero sleep. I'm hoping we are starting to be in the clear. It has been a stubborn virus that has hung on! And is anyone else watching '13 Reasons Why'? My hubby and I both love Netflix Originals, so when we start a new one, we binge watch them. haha. Then the next day we are like, "Why, Why did we do that?" As we fill our coffee mugs as high as we possibly can. Anyways, this 13 Reasons show is actually pretty frustrating to watch especially at first. Is anyone else with me on this? But we finished last night, and it got pretty intense. Now we can't wait for season 2!! It's actually a heartbreaking show. Let me know if you watch!

Okay lets get to these INSANELY adorable culottes. Did you know this style is called a Culotte? Well if not, there was your fashion trend lesson for the day. :). I love them! They are so trendy this season. Your seeing lots of different styles and colors of them popping up everywhere. I absolutely love the ones I have on in this post, but Bevello is not selling them online as of yet. They may in the near future and I will definitely let you know! I have linked a few other pairs that I love and want myself! I also found ones at Zara, that even has the slits up the front like the ones here! Shop them here.

This top is also a great go-to for the spring/summer. I love the frilly details and it can be so easily just thrown on with a pair of jeans or shorts! It's incredibly comfortable and a must for your closet.

I'm also obsessed with these Tory Burch earrings, the color, the style...everything. Unfortunately I've had these for awhile. They are sold out everywhere, but I found some really awesome ones that resemble this style!

Last but not least...if you were going to make one purchase of new summer sandals this year. I highly recommend these!!! They are so comfy, I LOVE the color, and you can't go wrong with some Seychelles. Plus a great summer wedge is perfecto for so many reasons. But I won't make you listen to 13 tapes on why they are perfecto or what would go wrong if you didn't buy them. (haha, okay sorry, you only get that if you also are watching this ridiculous show, that we can't stop watching ;).

Wishing you a great rest of the week!!



Photography: Jessica Milligan