Lilahs Favorites

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Hey Guys!!

It’s been so long since I have wrote a blog post! Super excited to dive back in, It’s good to be back! With a whole new space! Ill write a whole blog post just on that…:) But I also have thought I am going to share some of Lilahs favorite things every once in awhile. With her being my third I feel like I know what they need. (Well most days..haha) We have had so much baby gear over here and brands in the last few years, I want to share my favorites!

So our little Lilah is 4 months already. I can not believe it! I feel like I just brought her home yesterday. I feel like the 3 month mark is when we could take a little bit of a breath and I personally felt like okay, I got this. It’s hard guys! Three, 4 and under is no easy walk in the park. But our little Lilah makes everything worth it. She is just the best. She smiles ALL the time, she is so happy, and she totally has FOMO. AKA…she does not nap. Well, she naps but not for long periods of time. Which can make things hard, but we are working on it!

4 months is when they really start to be alert and I feel like you truly need to make sure they are getting time to focus their attention on things that stimulate their fast growing brains! She is unbelievably aware and already trying to grab at things. So I wanted to make sure I provided her with some fun tools to do so!

The Tiny Love Gymni has been perfect for us! With this being my third, I have had a gym before this one. But I love all the options this gym provides for her. EVERY toy or product that Tiny Love creates they keep in mind the 7 Developmental Wonders. Which I love!

  • Cognition

  • Language & Communication

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Senses

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Imagination and Creativity

  • Emotional Intelligence

Lilah being our third… I feel like she definitely has to be by herself, (And by herself I mean I just can’t hold her 24-7 like my first!), This provides such a great area for her to play in for a few minutes while I can help my other two with things! Plus we all love playing with her and showing her different things to touch and look at. She LOVES it! There is a little light up bird that lights up different colors and sings songs that can be directly placed over her head that she loves to look at. The perfect thing for little ones! It’s so important to let them experience things they can see and touch from day one. Their tiny little brains are growing SOO fast!

This gym is also great because you can move the arches around for tummy time, sit and play or laying on their backs! So it will grow with her! Perfecto!

So this is what Lilah is definitely loving at the moment. I would say right now, it definitely is her favorite thing. Besides her mommy (hehe) and watching her brother and sister!

If you guys ever have ANY questions about baby gear or products never hesitate to reach out! I would love to share my personal opinions about products. What you need or DON’T need!

I hope you all are doing amazing and can not wait to share more with you soon on my new space!



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***I’ve shared this with you before but ALL of this info is my personal opinion, I would never collaborate or share something with y’all that I was not genuinely excited to tell you about or use myself!! I say NO to companies all the time! This is 100% our real life and what I wear, use, or eat on my blog! XO-Ash***