Teaching Pre-Schoolers to give back this Holiday Season!

“This post is sponsored by Primrose Schools; however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.” 

 I just want to start off by saying I absolutely loved working on this blog post! It has always meant SO much to me to teach my kids to give back to others. I know I still have very young kids, but I personally feel it’s never too young to start teaching them to give to those in need. This is important to me that my children know this and are always aware of this. I grew up this way, and I want to make sure I pass this down to my own children. It’s easy to overlook those in need around the holidays as the stress of event planning and gift buying forces our attention elsewhere.

I remember growing up and my mom would have bags and bags of christmas toys for children in need. She was a middle school principal in a area where at the time, families were VERY in need. She would throw us into the car and we would go to certain houses and knock on the door and deliver the presents in person. And as a young child I remember thinking how much I absolutely loved doing this, but I also didn’t know any better. We were just giving families presents and I thought everyone did that. I remember moms crying being so thankful, and I didn’t always completely understand at the time, but I knew even as a small child, we made someone happy.

That feeling has stuck with me my entire life of wanting to help others. And now as a mother myself, I absolutely want to make sure my own children understand the importance of giving to others. That’s why teaming up with Primrose Schools (who currently have 9 schools in the Charlotte area, with plans for more!), and learning about their November Caring and Giving Food-Drive was perfect! It’s such an age appropriate way of teaching pre-schoolers how to give back! We set up our own food-drive at home and the kids LOVED it! Which anyone can do at home, thats why I wanted to share this!

Primrose believes who children become is as important as what they know! (Which I couldn’t agree with this statement more). That’s why they have a entire program set up around this food drive which I think is so perfect and amazing to teach little ones. During this activity, students are asked to earn their donations through chores at home. Then they bring the money to school and learn to count the money, develop a budget and make a shopping list of healthy food items. Then they take a field trip to a grocery store and buy the items to take to a local shelter or food bank and distribute the food to those in need!

So I created a similar project for my own kids. We made our own food-drive box at home out of a diaper box and some construction paper. I truly tried to teach my kids what we were doing and the importance of helping others while we were doing this. I let them “grocery shop” in our own pantry and we also made a list of a few other things they wanted to purchase for their food drive as well. My kids really got into this! My 4.5 year old desperately wanted to donate cheese sticks and apples. So I made sure to pick these items up! I had my three year old pick a few healthy items as well. I then called a local food bank to ask a few questions! One, I asked if it was okay if my kids came with me to drop off, which he said absolutely! I also asked what they truly always need. His answer was cereal and oatmeal. So I made sure to pick up these items as well. If you don’t know this already food banks will take any food. It does not just have to be canned goods or pantry items. They will absolutely take fresh produce and are very grateful for this! Anyone can donate to your local food bank. It does not just have to be through a food drive. Just a little eye opening information, our local food bank serves almost 5,000 families a month.

Another great way to teach your pre-schoolers about giving to others is through reading books on this topic. Primrose had a ton of great options to pick from, but we love the books, “Llama, Llama, time to share” by Anna Dewdney and “I see kindness everywhere” by Shelley Frost. It gets the conversation going on helping others and gets them thinking about this!

All in all I truly hope this post inspires you to teach your little ones to give back. That’s why I was truly excited to take on this post. It means so much to me and I personally feel the most important thing we can do for our children is to show them how to be kind and help others. I get incredibly emotional when thinking about children out there who are hungry on a daily basis. I would do anything to help. Sometimes we just don’t know how or what to do. If we all could just take a little time, learn how we can help, we can all make a difference.



If you have any questions on this post, please feel free to reach out! I would be happy to help in anyway. Also if you want to learn more about the Primrose Preschools please click here!

Austin Payne