8 week Challenge!


I’m so glad you are even thinking about signing up!! This will be such a fun challenge and I can’t wait to help you start!


I’m starting this entire challenge for women to understand how easy living a healthy lifestyle can be. I completely understand as a mom to three, 4 and under how hard it is to find time to dedicate to yourself. BELIEVE me, I get it! I want to teach you how to make it apart of your everyday lifestyle from nutrition, working out, toxin free beauty products and more. Your health matters so much! It determines how we feel each day, mentally, physically and emotionally. I want to help you feel great from the inside out!

I will be sending a weekly meal plan each Saturday for the following week! It will consist of meals and recipes for breakfasts, snacks, and dinners each day. My entire approach to nutrition is simple! Eat real, whole foods! Nothing complex, just simple and easy. It does not have to be bland or boring, eating real foods tastes so good! The only thing I suggest is cutting out processed foods for the challenge. And dairy! (We will dive into this more during the challenge!)

I will also be sending 3-4 at home workouts each week! They will be around 45 min each workout. I will also suggest if you are already a part of a workout program, attend classes you love, or are a part of a gym…keep doing that!! Keep doing what you love. The challenge will still work for you! I will suggest working out 5x a week for the 8 weeks. And I will definitely recommend to take at least 1-2 classes somewhere each week. So you can be a part of a community around you!

I’m also having 1-2 guests come into our challenge to talk to us each week about a certain health topic they are experts on! This will only be for people who are a part of the 8 week challenge. We will be discussing everything from gut health, sugar detoxing, hormone balance, to toxin free beauty products! This will be a lot of fun!

I also have teamed up with some of my favorite brands to award weekly prizes, and there will also be an overall 8 week challenge winner! I can’t wait to see all the progress, mentally and physically!

The entire challenge is meant to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Eliminate toxins and chemicals from our food to things that are around us everyday. Maybe you are already a pro at all of this, and you just want to be apart of a fun challenge and learn new recipes! Still join! No matter where you are in your health journey, you are welcome to sign up. It will be for everyone. I want to make it simple and fun. I’m passionate that everyone deserves to take care of themselves. It will make you a better mom, friend, daughter, wife, and _____ keep filling in the blank! It will make you feel so much better inside and out. We can find a tiny amount of time each day, I promise!

Make sure to sign up! I will be sending over the packet of information the weekend before the challenge which starts Monday, Feb. 4th. I want to make sure you have enough time to prep and be prepared! If you have ANY questions email me at wonderandwearAG@gmail.com or shoot me a DM on instagram @ashleyjgeorge.

I can’t wait to help you, no matter where you are on your journey!



Things that you will need for the workouts at home!

  • A set of dumbbells (At least 10lbs!)

  • Jump Rope

    Things that are great for a at home gym, but are not a must for the challenge but are welcomed.

  • bosu ball

  • medicine ball

  • Dip station

  • plyometric box

I know these things can all add up with cost. Workout equipment is not always cheap! Ask around from neighbors to friends to see if maybe someone has some of these items they are not using that you can borrow. But I promise these are the BEST staples to have at home, for a great workout! So it’s also a great investment! I know sometimes people can sell used workout equipment online! Look around!


8 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge!

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