My top 10 tips on starting your own blog and social channels!


Hey Guys!

I am excited to share some tips with you that I have learned over the past couple of years of blogging. I definitely do not know it all, not even close when it comes to all of this, but let me tell you I have learned A LOT! I have had my blog, Wonder and Wear for almost two years now. I wanted to start my lifestyle blog, way before I even did! I just had no clue how to start, where to start, or what it truly entailed. I will have to say, when I finally was pulling the plug and diving into the blogging world, even just two years ago, I knew NO one who had a blog. Not one friend or family member I could think of! So when I went to start, I truly started by just trying to learn from some of my favorite bloggers at the time. I finally met someone who had her own blog and photography business and she pointed me in the direction of someone who could help me get my website up and running. Let me tell you, this seemed like a foreign language to me! (Which coding kind of is! haha!) The only things I knew, were what I had been planning in my head visually for what seemed like years.

I knew how I wanted my blog to look visually, from the very start. I wanted my pictures to be able to tell a story in a way. This was important to me. I wanted my website to be very visual, creative, and also feel like I’m just hanging out with you guys. I hope that comes across that way, to this very day! I have learned everything I know by trial and error. Once I dived in, saying, I’m really going to do this, I did it. We can always worry what people may or may not think, but I promise don’t start a blog worrying about that. Start it because you are passionate about something, and it is something you want to pursue.

Now just two and half years later… (I feel like it took a solid 6 months to get my blog actually up, running, pictures, and understanding how to create posts!), I know lots of people with blogs. Even very close friends of mine, have started their own. I get told all the time from people, “I want to start a blog, how do I do it?” My advice to them is, if you really want to do it, do it.. Research, learn, buy a domain name, but you have to start somewhere! So here are my top 10 tips!

Tip #1 Know what kind of a blog you want to start.

This may seem obvious. But truly know what you want to talk about. Make sure you are passionate abut what you are wanting to build your brand around. If you are not passionate about it, I’m not sure it will be the best fit for you or others reading it!

Tip #2 Do not worry about the numbers game on social media.

This is a big one guys!!!! When you first start out, you will want to obviously get your social media game going. You will feel like you instantly need a ton of followers. I promise you if you work hard, are REAL, speak about the things you are passionate about, followers will come. I do not have the biggest social media platform out there. (I don’t have time, haha!!) But all jokes aside, don’t think about it as I only have 200 followers or 2,000. Even if you put 200 people in a room, that is A LOT of people listening to your voice! Build a community. Even if it’s small it is yours and you should be proud!

Tip #3 Don’t play the comparison game

Well this is a lot easier said than done. I am even guilty of this from time to time, especially when I first started out! Be true to who you are and what brand you are creating. Don’t get lost in the comparison game, because let’s all say this together, “Comparison is the thief of Joy!”. Focus on what you want to speak about. Even if you are just wanting to start out as an influencer on Instagram, be real with yourself and everyone else. We can ALL see through the fakeness!

Tip #4 If you build it, they will come

I’ve always just wanted to say that. LOL. But it’s true. If you start your website, your blog, or get your social media going. work hard, stay true to what you want your brand to look like….they will come. Your collaborations that you have wanted will come. The followers will come. It won’t happen overnight, but with hard work, it will!

Tip #5 Know what you want your brand to look like

If you have not noticed yet, I keep using the word brand. Because you will be marketing yourself or whatever you want to be talking about on your blog. That is a brand. How do you want your Instagram to look? (No photoshop please, or 85 presets. haha.) But truthfully, what do you want your website, and social channels to look like? We live in a visual world. It attracts people and brands when they see pictures and content they like. You do NOT need professional pictures, but make sure your look has a certain flow to it. If you want to be a mommy blogger, your pictures should look genuine and real. (maybe even messy. haha). If you only want to be a style blogger, your pictures should highlight your style! If you want to talk about travel, you should have your pictures from all your travels, but make sure they all flow together nicely! There are different apps to help with lighting and things like this! PS. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting your brand to look a certain way. it is yours! Be different, stand out! Who cares if so and so says, don’t use a photographer, or don’t use this app to help with your lighting. It is YOUR brand. Just be YOU!

Tip #6 You do not need to be a instagram model

unless you want to be! haha. My advice on this is, less fake posing if you want to be a style blogger, and just be you! When you showcase who you really are, I feel like it makes the best pictures! With that said, I LOVE the art of photography. I just do. So I can appreciate the beautiful posed, artistic photo! And theres nothing wrong with that. Do what you want! Like I said, it is your brand. Just know people connect better with you when they feel like your being genuine!

Tip #7 Know what you want to talk about

Know what kind of content you want to create. Sit down and write 3-5 different blog posts. Have the content ready to go when you launch your blog! People want to come to your website and read your posts. So have a few ready to go! To let them know what they can expect from your website.

Tip #8 Plan your content

Not only know what you want to talk about, but write out a couple months worth of content you want on your blog and social channels! Anything from showing different styles, family stories, your everyday life, a new recipe, or maybe a new place you traveled to. When you are just starting, plan a couple months worth of content so you have things ready to go each day.

Tip #9 Be consistent (But don’t let life go by you!)

Yes, you will hear this all the time in the blogging world. Be consistent. With posting everyday on your social channels, to planning your actual blog posts. This is so people can know when to expect to hear from you. The more the hear from you, the more you blog will grow. With that being said, sometimes i’m the WORST with being consistent. I’m a mom #1 (So this is for my mommas), and I do NOT let social media or my blog come in the way of that. That can always wait. Nothing is more important to me more than my family. So for me personally I need social media breaks, and time away from my computer. When you first are starting you feel so much pressure to get the perfect post each day or blog post up quickly! I promise NO one will mind, if it does not work for you or your momma schedule if you can’t post each day. You will get in a rhythm, and it will become a normal part of your day!

Tip #10 Have fun!

If this is something you really want to do pretty lady, then do it. There is never a good time to start anything! You will always find excuses. If it’s a dream you have had for a long time, then do it. Yes there are a million different bloggers popping up everyday. it definitely seems to be the trendy thing right now. But guess what, EVERYONE is unique, everyone has something to say, and everyone will have a different blog or platform. BE TRUE to you. STAY true to you. Make sure you remember why you wanted to start your blog in the first place. And HAVE FUN living your dream!

Hopefully these tips were helpful! If you ever have any questions about the blogging world, I would be happy to try and help the best way I can! Just get in touch! Either send me a email on my blog, or shoot me a DM on Instagram!



Austin Payne