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I’ve been SUPER excited to share this post with you! I have been waiting to share until now, January, because I know everyone has new goals starting the New Year! I don’t know about you, but every year some of my goals include ORGANIZING!

As a mom to three children 4 and under, a perfect and organized house is only a dream. LOL! One of my personal goals this year, is to let go of anxiety when it comes to always having a “perfect house”. The kids play with their stuff, because that’s what it’s there for! They get messy, they make messes, and lots of days things pile up and get a bit out of control. That is just the stage of life we are in right now. I usually do a big pickup once everyone goes to bed, just so I can sit down and relax! If there is stuff everywhere, my husband knows, I just. can. not. relax.

If I had all the time in the day, (haha!! maybe one day?), I would LOVE to sit down and organize every nook and cranny of my house. Honestly it would make me SO happy! I try to attempt things here and there, but sometimes I do get frustrated or feel like my “system” is just not working for us. I know it may sound crazy, but I honestly feel like less stuff in the house, organized “stuff”, and building a system for different rooms makes me have a lot less anxiety throughout the day. Our days flow better. I worry less about getting the house in tip top shape, and I feel like I can focus more on the kids! (Which moms, don’t be hard on yourself. We ALL struggle to balance kids, the house, work. whatever it may be!) If you are a mom who has it all together and has little ones, a perfect house at all times, and never stresses about any of this, please email me to share your secret! Because we all need to know it. ha!).

This is when the BEST thing came into my life, Neat Method Charlotte. Bethany and her team were absolutely amazing from the moment I started working with them. I told them I would love to create a system in our kitchen and I wanted to also update a little play area into a arts and craft space. I had a few ideas in mind. They listened to everything I said and more!

My kitchen turned into a dream. A system that works for all of us so well! Even my kids can now get their own dishes and put things back by themselves! And my pantry….OMG. I guess this is what we get excited about in our 30’s? It makes grocery shopping easier, cooking easier, and honestly it’s now where I go and stand to hide from my children….haha, jk. Kinda.

Also my arts and craft space we did for the kids is my absolute favorite thing. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile for them. I had a little play corner and table for them which they loved, but they were growing to need a bigger table and more space. Most of the time spent in the corner was for coloring and art projects anyways. So I decided to take away ALL of the other toys and move them to the playroom. Can I just tell you if you’ve been thinking to do a similar space for your kids, you absolutely should. We use this space every single day. They go to it by themselves, draw pictures, play with play-dough (and yes, slime…sigh), create things with pipe cleaners, learn how to cut things, glue weird and strange things together (haha), and I could keep going! We paint pictures, we pull out slate boards and work on our letters, we eat lunch or have snacks in the space! The kids LOVE their new space. It’s so good for them to have their own little space like this. We need to let kids get their hands messy, create mess, paint pictures, learn colors. Its so good for them to be creative! To just be kids!

Here are all the pictures of the spaces, please no judging on the before pictures!! HA! We piled a lot of stuff up while I was rearranging things to get ready for this new little corner. I promise it was not always that bad. We also have a complete open space concept on our main floor. So I love having a little corner for them, but wanted it to also flow with the rest of the house! And my pantry…omg. That was bad. I can’t even believe it got to the point it was. I even had it “organized” and made a system when we first moved into the house. Obviously, the system did not work. Even more reasons to contact Neat Method!

Before Pictures of the Art Space

IMG_4996 (1).jpg

After Pictures of Art + Craft Space

I mean!!!! GIVE ME ALL THE HEART EYES!! I also wanted a modern play kitchen in this space for the kids! I think it’s a great toy to add in a small space for kids. They love to imagine and cook for me.

I mean!!!! GIVE ME ALL THE HEART EYES!! I also wanted a modern play kitchen in this space for the kids! I think it’s a great toy to add in a small space for kids. They love to imagine and cook for me.

These little trays are the BEST thing to have for play-dough play!! (Or slime, or putty!) They keep the mess very limited! We use them everyday!

Before Pictures of the Pantry

YIKES!!!!! This got way out of hand!

YIKES!!!!! This got way out of hand!

After Pictures of the Pantry



The pictures of the kids drinks, spoons, and dishes in general is such a easy system created for them to help me! They can pull out there own cups and silverware. NO more temper tantrums about which color fork we are using…lol! Bethany and her team put them all in the lower cabinets. Which makes complete sense to do!

I could not recommend Bethany and her team more!! I will continue working with them for sure. I know as a very busy momma, simplicity and things that are organized make our days easier. Plus they made my job as easy as could be by taking care of everything! From everything I got rid of, to the baskets in my pantry. They took care of. They were such a joy to work with, no judgement whatsoever, and you can tell they love what they do! If you are in the Charlotte area, I whole heartily recommend them! Click HERE to get in touch with Bethany!


BINS in the craft space shop HERE and HERE

Bethany’s top tips on organizing spaces for kids!

When it comes to keeping children organized, NEAT recommends the same six tips no matter what the age :: 

  1. Keep it Simple – Don’t over complicate it. Create categories of toys that are broad. For example, make a basket for “dolls” instead of one for Barbies, one for American Girl Dolls, and one for Baby Dolls. You want to create opportunities for your children to successfully complete the task.  

  2. Keep it Clear – LITERALLY. Do not put toys in bins that the child cannot see into. They won’t play with half of the toys because they cannot see them. They will also never put them away properly because you, as the parent can’t see what’s inside either. If you don’t love the look of clear plastic bins, we suggest a mesh bin or a fun “locker” basket 

  3. Label It – Even if your child can’t read, they can see what is in the bin and predict what the words say (a perfect way to practice early literacy skills!) Be sure to have plenty of labels to replace the existing ones because kids toys quickly change and you need to easily adjust the system as the new favorites come in and the old ones are donated. 

  4. Purge Parties – As we all know, kids grow fast. Which means their interests change frequently as well. Therefore, setting aside time to purge the toys that are ‘so last year’ or are just not appealing to their age group anymore is vital. After a birthday or holiday, when you need to create room for new toys, tends to be a great time to part ways with the old favs. Make it fun and maybe even take them to give their old toys to kids in need!

  5. For the Picasso’s – Every household with children inherits new masterpieces weekly. Since the Mom of the Year Award would never go to someone who throws an art project away (wink! wink!), create digital copies or an art wall where they can display the latest and greatest. And for the record, they will thank you in their 20s if you toss a few so that they don’t inherit bins upon bins of their finger paintings. 

  6. Call In Neat – And last but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to call in the NEAT girls to help. You may have been very organized before kids and now all that has changed and you are not alone.  NEAT Method’s Charlotte Owner (Bethany Mann) and her team of organizers would love to help you create some calm and order!

Email Bethany at or call 704.651.6078.

Follow her on Instagram @organize_charlotte for ideas and inspiration!

If you have any questions about any of the other products, feel free to reach out! Thank you!



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