My top 6 favorite "MOM" swimsuits


Hey everyone!!

So it’s that time of year, where if you are not living somewhere warm on a daily basis our souls are wishing desperately to take us to a beach and sunshine! Or is that just me?! Well even if you don’t have a trip planned, summer is just around the corner and that time for the word, “swimsuit” is upon us.

Now, I used the word “mom swimsuit” in this post, but let me clear something up. I do NOT think just because you are a mom you are sentenced to only wearing a one piece or a swimsuit that literally covers every part of your body. NO. You have definitely come to the wrong blog if you think i’m about to talk about that. I actually am an advocate for the complete opposite. My thoughts are, if you’re a mom, and humans came out of your body you deserve to wear whatever flippin swimsuit you want! I could not be more of your cheerleader if you decide to wear a one piece, two piece, bikini, Brazilian bikini, tankini…whatever your heart wants, you go girl. You put on that swimsuit that you feel comfortable and confident in!

I am using the word “mom swimsuit” for this reason. I have been a mom now for almost 5 years. I have come to learn there are certain times that I really do need a “mom swimsuit”. Meaning, I need a swimsuit that stays on while chasing children. At a friendly neighborhood pool, a mom and me swim-class, etc…I need something I can maneuver quickly in, while i’m chasing 3 children 4 and under. And stays on. PLEASE GOD. haha! Does that make sense!? It does if you live this life.

I seriously found the PERFECT one piece. I can’t even tell you how comfortable these swimsuits are. I have had a few different one pieces, and I don’t always think this. I feel like for the price you are paying (SO reasonable! Most are 30.00 and under!) the quality is amazing! AND if you are tall like I am, they make two different lengths. Which also helps with them being very comfortable! So I have linked a few different ones that I have been LOVING!

And back to my mommas PLEASE wear whatever swimsuit you LOVE. Embrace your superwomen body. Any shape or size. Seriously, you deserve it more than I can write in words. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to be in a certain style. If you feel confident, wear the dang swimsuit. Haters are gonna hate. Let them. It is 100% their issue, not yours! And if I see you in that swimsuit that you love, I will high-five you on my way back and fourth from chasing children like i’m an insane person.




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