Easter Basket Ideas

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Hey you guys!!

I can’t believe we are already talking Easter! That means my littlest bunny in my clan will be 9 months. I can not believe it! This year has truly flown by.

I love putting together adorable little easter baskets for the kids. They get so excited! Here are some items that we love and already have that would be perfect for any easter basket!!

  1. Squeezamals

Yes. Squeezamals made the list. Ha! My kids love these! They are cute and fun for them to play with. They also are squishy so they love to squeeze them. Hence the name! They come in lots of different cute little characters and sizes!

2. Boogie Board Tablet

I have two of these for both my older two. I LOVE these! They go everywhere with us. The perfect thing to pull out for a restaurant, plane ride, the car…anything! They can draw on them and create any picture they want. They can use them for their letters and numbers as well. All they have to do is push a button and the whole thing erases. This is half the fun! I highly recommend these. For boys or girls!

3. Jellycat Bunny

Okay I know the Jellycat animals are a little more pricey. But OMG, even as an adult they get me. Like can I have one to go to bed and sleep with?! Haha. They are just so stinkin cute! My daughter LOVES stuffed animals. So I’m okay purchasing these adorable bunnies to make the basket extra special (adorable).

4. Do-A-Dot Markers

If you don’t already have these, these are such a great thing for little ones! They love to paint with them and there is no mess! They are larger markers so easier to hold for little fingers. I highly recommend these!

5. Be Kind Book

I love this book as a parent, but my kids love this book as well. Teaching our children to be kind to others is one of the most important things I believe as a parent we should be teaching. This is a great book about this very subject!

6. Wood Bunny Stacking Blocks

This will be making its way into my littlest ones basket this year! I love wood toys and this one is adorable!

7. Bunny Ears Headband

These are just sooo cute and fun! My daughter would LOVE these!

8. Mad Matter

We have a few different colors of Mad Mattter! My son really loves this. It’s like play-dough and kinetic sand all mixed up into one. I don’t even know how to explain it! He will play with this for hours! It would make a great easter basket goodie!

A few other ideas!

Kids Umbrella

Bathing Suits -Boy/Girl-(Mommy and me!)


Bunny Slippers (I got these for the kids last year!)


Cross Necklace

Tote Bag Girls/Boys (My kids love to carry things around!)

I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter!  xoxo,  Ashley  P.S. That is a Squeezamal my daughter is holding!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING Easter!



P.S. That is a Squeezamal my daughter is holding!

Austin Payne