Health + Fitness routine after baby #3


Hey Guys!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit down and write a blog post!! This summer has been craaazzzyyy and flying by way to fast! I haven’t had much time to focus on my blog, which that is okay, i’ll be back a bit more once school starts! I’ve just been soaking up all the summer fun with my kiddos!

So I can NOT even believe my little Lilah is already one!! I know everyone tells us it goes by so fast, but I honestly feel like I blinked and a year went by with baby number three. Life with three has been chaotic, but also she has filled all our hearts with so much joy, I can’t imagine her not being here!

So lets get down to it! Fitness after baby. Postpartum fitness is NOT always the easiest thing to do. For me it has been a completely different path after each baby that first year. The one thing I have to say that has always stayed the same? Consistency and not giving up. With that being said, my journey has been far from perfect and i’ve learned i’m totally okay with that! Postpartum fitness is ALL about listening to your body. How your body reacts and feels to certain movements and not stressing to jump back to a certain size or weight. I can’t stress this enough. DON’T compare yourself to someone else (I know this is easier said then done!) The more and more I learn about our bodies after having babies and being in the fitness world myself, I wish I could come through the screen and hug every momma and tell them it is going to be okay. Let them know that first year after having a baby is hard. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. But it also is the most joyous because you have a new baby!! You’re exhausted, happy, maybe sad, sore (in many different ways! haha), nervous, excited, and again exhausted. How does creating a fitness routine even fit into any of that? Well it shouldn’t until you feel ready!

I stayed pretty active with Lilah, but i’m incredibly sick during my pregnancies. So once that baby pops out, I feel like sometimes I try to over achieve because I want so desperately to feel like myself again. Being nauseous, tired, and in pain for 9 months is not fun for me. So the minute I don’t feel nauseous it’s like hallelujah! I was ready to start moving my body again by my 6 week check up. But with that said, I did NOT feel this way with baby #2. It took me way longer!! I just want to express everyone is different and everyone has a different paths. That is okay!

The first 6 weeks should 100% be about listening to your body. Rest as much as you can, fuel your body with nutritious food for you and your baby if you have chosen to nurse. Working out should not be your main concern. I will have to say with me personally, not feeling nauseous finally after having my babies, i’m super pumped to dive back into eating healthy again from day 1. I wrote more about listening to your body, fueling yourself with nutritious soups, different foods and resting the first few weeks. You can read that post here!

So when I headed back to the gym week 6, let me tell you everything didn’t just come easy to me. Even though I worked out during my pregnancy and before I was pregnant does not mean it was easy! It was very hard actually. VERY. I felt like my strength had completely disappeared, I had to modify pretty much everything, and felt like OMG, I will never be the same at some points! I did know this…I’ve done this before, I know if I continue to show up and commit to my workouts, it WILL eventually get easier and easier. And that’s exactly what happened. AGAIN! My third journey down this road. Did i workout everyday? NO! Did I eat perfectly and follow all the crazy diets? NOOO! I just showed up continuously when I could, ate real food and eventually started seeing some results. It’s so amazing to me what our bodies are capable of. Truly!! We can create humans, stretch our bodies, and then regain our strength. (Mentally, emotionally and physically). I know we have all seen the real life super hero quotes, but I’m sorry…moms really are!


So my biggest piece of advice for those trying to find some inspiration, or maybe you are pregnant now with your first, or maybe you are 2, 3 years postpartum, wherever you are on your journey know this…it takes time. Do not put pressure on yourself to look a certain way right away. Do not feel bad if you can’t make it to the gym every single day when you have a new baby or little ones at home. Or maybe you are headed back to your career and trying to figure out a way to juggle life let alone a fitness routine. I promise you one thing, even committing 20 min a few times a week (at home or the gym!) If you’re consistent it will eventually start paying off. Diet is a huge part of that puzzle. If you can’t work out as much as you would like, commit to some meal prep on a Sunday. Eating real foods, incorporating proteins, fats and carbohydrates into your meals is important! Little steps eventually lead to BIG results!

Another huge piece of advice from me is find a workout you LOVE! You will want to fit it into your everyday lifestyle. Which can look completely different for everyone (meaning when you fit it in!) And moms if you can find a great gym with an amazing childcare for 45 min-1 hour that is a bonus. I’m lucky to have found my favorite workout (Burn Boot Camp) and my tribe. But there are days EVERY week that I can’t make it for various reasons! I then commit to a at home workout or take my kids for a long walk to the park. I just commit to moving my body every day. And when I cant do ANY of the above? I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t quit, I just keep on going!

Hopefully this inspires you to get up and move your body and fuel yourself with nutritious foods! My biggest inspiration are my kids. I want to be strong and healthy for them. I want to teach them living a healthy lifestyle makes you feel good from the inside out. But I have to lead by example, to truly teach them this!

Let me know what your postpartum journey has looked like? Did you incorporate health into your first year postpartum? If so, I would love to hear from you!





Ashley George