My Fall Wedding Guide

Fall Wedding Roundup

We have been to so many weddings the past few weeks! They were all very fun and all very different. We traveled to Iowa, New York City, and Chicago. I made a collage of the exact dresses and accessories I wore to each wedding!


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1. Orange Dress

2. Clutch 

3. White Shoes

4. Earrings

5. Black Evening Dress

6. Gold Clutch

7. Rose-gold Shoes

8. Earrings 

9. Navy Blue Dress 

10. Clutch

11. Nude Shoes 

12. Earrings 


  1. Wedding ONE with the orange dress I just wore my hair down with lots of loose waves.

  2. Wedding TWO we actually went to an NYC blowout bar and I got the best blowout I've ever had, so I ended up just wearing it down, with a deep side part!

  3. Wedding THREE I was the Matron of Honor, so I got my hair done! Even though I did the brides hair, haha! I actually kept it simple with just a braided hair band. It ended up looking great!



Before I was a full-time mommy, I was a full-time hairstylist in downtown Chicago for 10 years! I absolutely loved it and one of my favorite things to do was weddings. I did a lot of bridal hair! I did not know I was doing my sister's hair for her wedding, but when she told me she only trusted me to do her hair, I knew I absolutely was going to be doing her hair! haha. She has been through a lot in her young life, especially this past year. So I wanted to do something very special for her, and if this was something I could do for her to make her happy, I was 100% in. She wanted something a little more playful and not so 'traditional' in the sense. I created this video to show you how I built her updo. This was for her trial, so it's not 100% perfect like the day of her wedding, but it's pretty close! I ended up absolutely loving her updo and it was perfect on her! She looked STUNNING!

Hopefully, this is a little helpful guide when it comes to getting ready for a wedding! We have one more wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, then the craziness of weddings will be slowing down for us!