Adelyn Rae Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit/ Hat (Similar)/ Shoes (24.00!!)

Hey hey girls!!

This mint green floral jumpsuit from Anthropologie is AMAZING! The designer is Adelyn Rae, which is funny because that's my daughter's name. So, I would love to share a quick story about her name: I 100% thought I invented her name. Seriously, I wanted to call her Addie, but didn't want her to have a name that everyone else had. I thought Adelyn was unique and different. I had never heard of one Adelyn. I begged my husband to agree with me, and the name finally grew on him, so I got my little Adelyn Rae! Three months later, I saw on Facebook that someone I knew had named their daughter Adelyn Rae. I was thinking how weird that they stole our name! (BAHAHAHA). I remember being so mad about this; they had hijacked our little girl's name!  Okay...long story short...there are Adelyns everywhere!  EVERYWHERE! I did not invent Adelyn. Not even close. HAHA! But for a few short months, I believed I did. I have also uncovered more than one mom who was under the impression that she, too, "invented" a unique name for her son or daughter. So I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who believed she discovered her child's name.

Okay, back to the Jumpsuit! The details for this jumpsuit  makes it even more stunning. It's incredibly comfortable! I LOVE, LOVE wearing jumpsuits. I think they are fabulously flattering on all body types. You can dress them up or down. You can wear a great jumpsuit to a wedding or wear it with some flats for a afternoon get-together! And this COLOR! It's a perfect mint green, which is one of my absolute favorite colors.

I have had this hat for a long time and still love it. I can't find this exact color combo anymore, but have linked a very similar style:).

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!




Jess Milligan