Big Hats and Fringe


Happy Tuesday y'all!

So I'm going to start out this post by discussing how obsessed I've been with this hat. I've had it for awhile, and unfortunately could not find the dusty rose color anymore, but they still carry an array of colors in this exact style!! So to be blunt, I have a big head. And no, not in the I think I'm hot sh*t kind of a way, but more in the omg my head is so big no hat ever fits my head kind of a way. I not only have a big head, but I have a TON of hair. So this just makes the whole hat thing even harder. But guys, I LOVE hats!!! I love wearing hats for many different reasons. They can not only make your outfit that much cuter, they can change your entire look!  And of course, they can hide your mom hair you've literally have had no time to wash or style for days at a time. (Side note: As a hairstylist, this actually is a good thing, to not wash and style your hair everyday! Fewf). So this brings me back to raving about my love affair with this Floppy Brim, Dusty Rose, beautiful Fedora. Thanks to Rag and Bone, my giant head can actually fit into a hat really well!! I love that they make three different sizes. In all of their hats they make a S, M, and L.  EVERY hat company should do this! I wear this hat all the time. I have bought several of their hats and love them all.

Next up is my black and white tunic called, Irma. Irma is kind of a main staple in the LuLaRoe world. It's the most comfortable shirt you've ever put on. The End. It's actually so comfortable you can be out and about, and freak out you forgot to put a shirt on kind of comfortable. HAHA! That's absurd. Anyways, the Irma comes in so many different prints and  colors and under 40.00! Plus they are really long in the back which I love as well. This is going to be a frequent selection of mine throughout the fall!

The sandals I am wearing in this post were my absolute favorite sandals of the summer. And they are on sale right now! Whoo hoo!! They were really comfortable to wear and I think they honestly look cute with pretty much anything.  Dresses, shorts, jeans, literally anything. I love the fringe look and the zipper up the back of the sandal for an extra cute detail!

Okay I now have to get back and help my little man with his teething. Poor little guy decided his first tooth needed to have 3 other teeth along for the ride. He's so miserable. :(. But still my smiley little man. Love him.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!!!






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