Burn'n is good for the Soul

Hey Ladies! This week I’m so excited to be talking about my fitness regimen! Working out is a big part of my life; not only to look good but also as a busy mom of two toddlers it helps me tremendously in the feel good department. Getting a good workout session helps me be more focused, productive, and balanced (I honestly 100% believe it helps balance my hormones, and there is a lot of science to prove that it does). After having my son, I felt like my body went a bit crazy. It’s a bit hard for me to explain it. I felt like I was in a big cloudy daze, tired, and just not myself. I did NOT feel balanced at all. I went to my regular doctor, and their response was, “You’re a mom of two little ones --of course you’re tired!” I kept trying to explain to them that I strongly felt it was more than that. I would be driving down the road, and would feel “OMG where am I going?” I just felt crazy, all the time. It was a scary feeling, and I constantly felt like this. I would try to shake it off; sleep as much as I could, but it wouldn’t make a difference. I was working out as much as I could. I did at home workouts and would go to a local gym and lift weights by myself. It would help, but I still felt like I was living outside of my body. I finally went to a doctor who specialized in hormone testing, and my blood work did come back with a few irregular hormone levels, (mostly thyroid and Iron levels). So I finally thought I was on the right track!

This is when I thought to myself, I absolutely need a change in my fitness routine. I was trying to push myself, but I would get bored with my own workouts at the gym. When I would do at home videos, it was a good workout, but I wondered if I was truly putting all my potential into the workouts. I also would be about 10-15 minutes into them and I would have to run and get a crying baby or a toddler who needed my attention. This is when I saw a Burn Boot Camp Live Video on Facebook one day. I had heard about the gym and knew some women who went there. My first thought was, I hope they have childcare. Haha! When I found out they did, I went and signed up for a free two-week trial.

What I liked about Burn was they incorporated heavy weight lifting into their 45-minute class. I got into heavy weight lifting after my daughter was born, and fell in love with it, because it’s the only way I have ever seen major results including an actual body transformation. So ladies, PICK up those heavy weights!! It doesn’t make you “bulky” it tones your muscles and makes you strong!


For Burn’s five-year anniversary they launched these tank tops. I actually love them and think this particular shirt is incredibly soft and comfy! Plus I love this color blue. Burn has a lot of fun and trendy workout apparel available to purchase. As a busy mom, I’m usually running to and from somewhere going in and out of Burn. So I usually try to throw a cute jacket and some more casual sneakers on and make my “workout outfit” more of all day outfit! Just those two small changes can take your gym clothes and turn it into a fun, trendy look! Heres how I styled it...

P.S....These leggings are under 20.00!!! (Insert heart-eye emoji!)



Burn Boot Camp is a mix of weight training, using your own body as weights and cardio. It’s high intensity interval training. (And I’m not exaggerating when I say high intensity, whew!). No class is the same. There is loud music blaring and amazing trainers cheering you on. (And pushing you to what they know your capable of!). The first day I walked in, I wondered, “Am I going to die?” But I didn’t. I thought It was an incredibly hard workout, but incredibly awesome. All wrapped up into a 45-minute workout. I was hooked after my first class. I knew as I was walking out that this was exactly what I had been looking for. I felt great. I signed up with “Burn” after my two-week trial, and have not stopped since.

After a couple of weeks of going to burn (I was trying to go around 4-5x’s a week), I felt like I was not living outside of my body anymore. I 100% think this workout actually helps balance my hormones! I don’t feel cloudy. I feel energized. Now I try to figure out a way to get to “Burn” as often as I possibly can! (Even if I have to wake up and go at 6 am!). I love this workout and it’s become a part of my life. I’m 7 months into all of this now, and can tell you I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.


So, unfortunately I can’t get to “Burn” every single day. As much as I absolutely want to, with two under 3, things come up! I don’t punish myself for this; I just incorporate a burn workout at home! Moms are busy: working moms, stay-at-home moms, it does not matter, if you’re a mom, you’re busy. So I teamed up with “Burn” and we created a 10-minute “Burn Blast” that can get your blood pumping and can get you sweating. Everyone has 10 minutes! Get your kids involved and have them do it with you. My little guys love trying to mimic and “workout” with me! So here are 5 exercises to get you a sweat session at home!


Do each exercise for 20 seconds on, then 20 seconds resting...Two minutes total for each exercise! 

  1. Shoulder Taps: Get into a high plank with your arms extended directly beneath your shoulders. Alternate touching one hand to the opposite shoulder. Repeat.


2. Air Squats: 

Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your back straight and your chest up towards the sky. Keeping a bend in your knees, push your body weight towards the ground, and then slightly raise yourself back up. Remember to keep your thighs parallel to the ground. Repeat. 


3. Triceps dips:

Put your hands behind your back on a ledge or elevated surface. Keep your finger tips turned towards your back and your feet out straight in front of your body. Bend at the elbow to dip your body towards the ground, bending your knees, then come back up and repeat.



Down on the ground, start with feet 6 inches above the floor and arms extended straight behind your head. Bringing your body up into the shape of a V, pull your straight legs towards your chest and reach your hands towards your toes. Stretch your body back out straight into the beginning position. Repeat.


5. Star Jumps:

 Start in a low squat with your thighs parallel to the ground. Jump out and up, fully extending your hands and feet straight, creating a star shape with your body.


Check out Burn Boot Camp Here!

I look forward to writing and showing you more of Burn’s workouts!