Cassie and Cavallari

Hey hey!! Let's talk bodysuits for a minute...I remember begging my mom to take me to Limited Too back in the day to buy me some turtle neck bodysuits. Any one else? Limited Too was the only place to be back in third grade.  Anyways, bodysuits are all the rave again and let me tell you WHY! First They are comfortable contrary to popular belief. You do not have to constantly worry about tucking your shirt inside your skirt, shorts, or jeans. They also give your look a more sleek finish. You could easily dress them up or down and they go with about anything. The bodysuit i'm wearing in this post, would look adorable paired with some denim shorts or jeans!

Also, lets chat about this pencil skirt that is known as the Cassie. This is from LuLaRoe. Let me just tell you, this is the most insanely comfortable pencil skirt there ever has been. Period. They are stretchy, so don't worry, you can still dance the day/night away or pair it was a t'shirt and mom out during the hectic day. I love wearing the Cassie even with some converse sneakers. Plus how fun is this print? Love it.

And finally that brings me to Kristin Cavallari.  The following outlines my recommended steps for Kristin's husband  Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears regaining the top spot in the NFC North this year.  1) Juuust kidding, let's talk about SHOES (but seriously, lets go Bears!!!). I LOVE Kristin's shoe line!! She partnered up with Chinese Laundry and they have made some incredibly cute shoes. These shoes in the post would  go with pretty much anything.  I love wearing them with jeans as well! Plus they will do well all the way into fall. I already have a few pairs of her boots on my wish list for fall.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!