Casually Versatile

Outfit Details: Dress/Shoes/Flannel/Purse/Sunglasses 

Hey Hey!!

Whew it's been crazy in this household the last few weeks!!! And I mean seriously crazy....My husband got ankle surgery a couple of weeks ago and has to be off his feet for 3 months. AHH!! Having two little ones under the age of three and now a hubby that has to continuously "ice and elevate" is extremely hard. I mean really hard.  I mean I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown writing this post. Haha. But, on a different note, I'm so glad he finally got this surgery done so his quality of life is at 100%. We are finally getting into a bit of a routine and making things work. My daughter has been so worried about him and will always tell him, "daddy you need to sit down, foot up". Which is adorable. Those two. They are besties. My heart is so full just watching the two of them together. We are learning how strong we are and making this short term issue work!! (As I am saying this in a crazy women's voice, with my hair sticking out everywhere).

So I love this fun and casual look for fall!! Let me also tell you this is incredibly comfortable!!! The dress I'm wearing is called the Julia, and it is SO comfy. It's incredibly versatile, enabling you to keep it completely casual, or throw a pair of heels for a more upscale event! I feel like this particular one is sporty, so I loved throwing on my sneakers and a flannel shirt to wrap around my waist. Which I bought at Target!! I love this flannel, it fits perfectly and I wear it all the time. Thanks Target!!

These. Sneakers. I'm obsessed with all the fun, adorable, and unique New Balance shoes they are coming up with. I feel like you can take them to the gym, but also wear them with jeans, or any outfit to make it more of a "urban" look. J Crew actually just recently came out with their new line from New Balance. Their are so many cute options. But these shoes stuck out to me because they can literally go with anything! Also, 90% of the time I am wearing sneakers. From pre-school drop off, to the gym, to the park, to sweeping food off the floor 20x a day, sneakers are on my feet. So that's why I love finding ones I can wear with anything!

Also-a quick hair tip~ I love wearing my hair up in a pony-tail. Especially when it's a few days into a wash. (I only wash my hair once, maybe twice a week, fyi). A great tip to make your pony-tail look like it has a little more oomph, is spray some texture spray into your hair. I LOVE Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. (I used this on my clients ALL the time!) Spray this into your hair, give it some texture, flip your head upside down and tie your hair into a ponytail this way. When you flip your hair back up, you should have extra volume to your style! Tie a large piece of hair around your ponytail holder to make it look like you really put time into your regular styled ponytail!! It takes 5 seconds, and I just tuck the hair back into my elastic band.