Dresses and Lab Diamonds


What a pretty dress! I love this dress because I can wear it pregnant and I can still wear it when I'm not as well. It's perfect for spring and summer days and dressy enough to dress it up a bit for night occasions. Finding perfect Maxi's is such a great staple to add to your closet!

Here is the exact DRESS.  I know sizes are going quickly! What I like about VICI is they will re-stock a lot of their items that sell-out. So you can always be on the lookout if your size is gone!

Also pictured is some beautiful bling-bling in this picture. I felt very Real Housewives of Charlotte when I was getting handed more and more diamonds for this shoot. HA. What I like about this company and why I'm choosing to talk about it, is because it's diamonds that are produced by a lab. Have you heard of this yet? Lab Diamonds. I actually did not know this even existed until I met the owner of Bare Diamond. I never want to be a part of something that I don't value enough to be excited to talk about to all of you. I would not put my face on something or post a picture on Instagram just because someone is sponsoring my post. I actually turn down A LOT of requests to collaborate with different companies and brands. Why? Because it's not something I would ever actually wear, use, or eat. It's not a product that I value enough to truly be excited to share with you. So I decline, very nicely. I don't want my blog/Instagram to turn into every day adds. And I'm absolutely not putting down anyone who does choose this type of branding, but it's something I really was passionate about when I first started my blog. So everything you see me wear, promote, or talk about it's because I absolutely love the company itself, the clothes I'm wearing (which I always pick out myself and style myself 100%), or different products (food related), that I'm genuinely just telling you I love.  Just want to make this clear. I actually plan to do a few more in-depth blog posts on this very subject down the road! How the whole blogging world works kind of thing. Which I am absolutely no pro, I'm still learning a lot myself...but I have come a long way in my first year in the blogging world. So it's safe to say, I kind of know what I'm doing now. Haha! Hence, Kind of.

Anyways, back to Bare Diamonds. First of all the jewelry was STUNNING. I felt like the pieces were unique, beautiful quality, and I loved wearing, X amount of carats all at one time. (Because that's not real life, haha) What girl would not love this? I'm actually not super into diamonds. Not because I don't think they are beautiful, they absolutely are, but it's just not something I demand (or expect) from my husband. They are so expensive and where we are at in our life right now, it's just not something I feel comfortable spending a ton of money on. I would rather take the kids on a Disney Cruise or a Vacation, something along those lines. You get the picture... Anyways, Lab diamonds. They are 100% made in a lab. They are the EXACT quality of a real diamond. Jewelers can't even tell a difference. You can research all the scientific reasons or DM @theBareDiamond on Instagram and Nick the owner would be happy to explain to you everything on how the process works. It's really interesting. But why do I think these are such a great thing? Well, have we all seen the movie, "Blood Diamond?" That movie has ALWAYS stuck with me. It's incredibly sad, and it's reality to people every day around the world. I made sure my husband was not getting blood diamonds when he was looking for rings, (even though there's no real way to know), and it's something that just breaks my heart. This is why I think Lab Diamonds may be the next best thing. They are stunning, ethical, and eco-friendly. The planet is not getting dug up or destroyed to search for diamonds, kids hands are not getting chopped off, or kids getting taken away from their families to find diamonds.  They are also half the price. So if you know your significant other is looking for a ring or diamonds to buy, look into buying a lab diamond!

Would you ever buy a lab diamond? Let me know your thoughts!