Driveway Workout with the Kiddos

Hey y'all!! So this post is all about my driveway workout and having fun with my kiddos outside! I've wrote before how important working out is to me. Not just to look good but it truly helps me feel good! It helps me feel more clear minded (less mommy brain) and have enough energy to keep up with both of my little guys all day (and night) long! When I don't get a workout in, I truly can tell a difference. I can't make it to the gym every single day. I'm a full-time mom and it is just not possible for me in this stage of life! So I have created a few at home workouts, that I have pulled from my favorite workouts at the gym! We get outside and "play" together and mommy fits in a quick workout! They think it's fun and funny all at the same time. :). So here's one of my favorite full body workouts... ONE. SQUATS.  I'm holding my son in this picture he is 30 pounds. You also could use free weights! Squat 10-12x...when you come up, make sure to squeeze those buttock's ladies! 


TWO. LUNGES. I lunge the entire length of my driveway and back, TWICE.  Again, I'm holding my 30 pound little guy, but if he gets wiggly or it's not fun for him I pick up my free weights! 


THREE. DRIVEWAY SPRINTS. I do 8-10 sprints. Down and back is 1. Give this your all! 


FOUR. BICEP CURLS. I use free weights for this...your talented if you can bicep curl your children. LOL. 10-12 reps. 


FIVE. SHOULDER PRESS. Using free weights again, 10 reps


I do this circuit 4x. Which means, after this round I repeat each exercise 3 more times!

Getting your kids involved is not only fun, but good for them to see their momma taking care of herself! I mean working out with them is never perfect. We sometimes have to take breaks, go potty, get more snacks, run to one of them because they fell, fill the bubble machine up. You! And that's okay! They are having fun. You are getting your blood moving and being a mommy. Best of both worlds ;)

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration or motivation to workout when you can find time at home as well. If any of you have great at home workouts you love to do outside or with the kids, let me know below in the comments! I'm always looking for new ideas to incorporate into a at home workout!

Thanks for stopping by!



Photography: Jessica Milligan