Why every momma should be a part of Winc Wine Club


Where's all my ladies/momma's who like to drink some wine at?! Can I get a woot woot, "WOOT WOOT!" Yes, I actually just yelled that out loud while typing this post. I get a little excited for some delicious wine. That's why when I found out about Winc Wine Club, I thought we would be just the perfect fit. My new BFF. If you follow along on my blog or social channels you know I'm a momma of two amazing toddlers. This may or may not drive me to drink some wine at night. As much as I love being a full-time mommy with my entire heart and soul, being with them from morning till night every single day is a 24-7 anxiety attack waiting to come out. Honestly, keeping two tiny humans alive, fed, happy, healthy, and not messed up to the point they require expensive therapy as adults can be a bit stressful at times. This is where wine comes in. A little glass of wine around the 5 o'clock hour (a.k.a the witching hour) is the perfect fit. In all seriousness, I love to have a glass of red wine while I cook for our whole family. Our dinners seem to taste better when I cook with a glass of red wine.

Winc Wine club is pretty awesome. You take a taste quiz first for your profile, then they match your answers with the best 4 pairings they think you would love! The next thing you know, just a couple of days later,  you have 4 bottles of wine at your doorstep. How fun is that? The best part of this news, use this link, www.trywinc.com/wonderandwear and you will get 4 bottles for only $32.00 my friends! Now that definitely calls for an out loud, "WOOT WOOT!" That saves you 20.00 and you get complimentary shipping. Your welcome.

So with the 4 bottles they sent me, there was no better way to show you how I paired these wines, then to actually show you and teach you the ways. With cheese and crackers you ask? Chocolate maybe? Nope, I'm showing you how this momma, pairs her wines.

1. The Bluffer. Red Wine Blend 


Just when you think you finally got all the laundry done in the house for the bizzilionth time, you were BLUFFED. Nope, theres that basket with adorable little elephants all over it. Hiding, peeking from the laundry room corner. As your trying to quickly fold all of your laundry, your little one steam rolls all over your piles, throws the clothes into the air like confetti. You were totally Bluffed. This is when the Bluffer is paired nicely with the laundry. The airy light body of the flavor give the actual folding of the laundry such a nice, fun, refreshing feeling. When the clothes go up like confetti, you look up and smile with the crisp taste at your side. It's truly a match made in laundry basket heaven.

2. Wonderful 


"Oh how WONDERFUL it is to bend down and pick up the play area for the 800th time that day!" That's what you actually say when you pair picking up the play room with the ever so creamy and smooth tasting of this white wine blend. Who knew all you need is a little white wine and all of a sudden your back does not hurt, you love placing all the My Little Ponies in their homes ever so perfectly and you have so much fun picking up the 1,000 balls they threw from the bucket and never played with! Wonderful and Playroom Pickup = perfection.


3. Porter and Plot (Red Wine Blend)

When you think you have a great "plot" for dinner. You know you've nailed this toddler dinner. They will actually eat something! They will 100% eat your dinner you have made. It's healthy! There is veggies in it! You taste it and actually love it yourself. And then they scream at the sight of something they love 9 out of 10 times. They want nothing to do with the dinner you have prepared. So you go to plan B. Chicken nuggets and Bananas. Sigh. Well at least they are organic? This feeling is great paired with the Porter and Plot bend. It washes down well when the defeat of your healthy dinner kicks in. And a side of a chicken nugget. (You know you can't help yourself).

And this brings me to the last bottle in my package of 4...

4. Rosa Obscura (another red blend) **I really liked this one!**


The Rosa Obscura, which is another red wine blend from California, was one of my favorites of the 4! I paired the Rosa with an obscure-a- question from my 3.5 year old. The moment when it's already been that kind of a day and your daughter asks for a baby sister for the 100th time of the day. You look at her like "WHAT?" Then you start thinking...this is so obscure to even have that thought run through my head? Another baby? A Sister? Then you start with the, awe, she would be such a great big sister to a little baby girl. Awe, another baby does sound so cute and could be so much fun. Awe, I love them so much, to add another one would just be so much more love!......Then that all soaks in for a few. Wait, that truly is obscure that I'm even questioning this! So if your 3.5 year old asks you any obscure-a- ish questions, make sure to pair it with this ever so smooth red wine blend. The two make for an even more interesting conversation.

WARNING: A few glasses later you may wake up with baby number 3. So please limit your intake to only 1-2 glasses. Unless you know, you are one of those people who actually are planning to have 3! Thats super awesome and I high five you.

This my friends is why every momma should be a part of the Winc Wine Club!



Here is the link to get your 4 bottles for only 32.00 with complimentary shipping! www.trywinc.com/wonderandwear.