We have survived almost three weeks as a family of FIVE! Sometimes my husband and I look at each other in disbelief that we have three children. And just laugh...

Our little Lilah is an amazingly calm baby girl. I hope I'm not jinxing that by writing this very line. She is absolutely a gift and we have all been enjoying her and those newborn snuggles. The kids LOVE her. It's been so much fun to watch! They are both so helpful, especially my daughter. And they truly want to help with her. They got to feed her for the first time in the pictures above, and they were SO excited.

I will have to say, everyone keeps asking me this very question, but for me personally, the transition from two to three was WAY easier than one to two. I had a very hard time with one to two for some reason. I'm not sure if it was because they are so close together in age (18 months), or just the learning of multi-tasking children, time, and the guilt! I couldn't believe how guilty I felt after my second for my daughter. It was always just me and her, so when my son came along, I honestly felt guilty. I had no idea I was going to feel that way! But that all goes away with time, you learn how to multi-task everything, and life goes on! But honestly, three so far has been WAY easier for me emotionally and physically. I've loved having another little baby to snuggle on, smell (the smell!!), and non-stop kiss. I mean, no it's not easy to have a newborn baby, a 2-year-old, and a 4-year-old, but so far, we have been doing great. Hopefully, soon we can get into some sort of a routine. haha!


So it's funny because I'm still putting finishing touches on Lilah's nursery. With my first, I think we had her nursery completed completely by month 5. Thinking we had to. My second, I think his was somewhat done by month 8. And number three? We are still working on hers. haha. We were not in a rush whatsoever. First, we know they aren't even in their nursery for awhile! So it doesn't really matter. Plus, when they are little, they are NEVER in their rooms! I mean my kids still are barely in their rooms besides bedtime. So the whole nursery thing is way more for us parents. But I do love to give each one of my kiddos a special space and creating something that I hope will go along with their little (GIANT) personalities.

With Lilah's space, I wanted to keep it fun, vibrant, and dainty. It pulled together nicely, as I found pieces I kept working off of. I LOVED the rainbow pillows I found and kept going with that. We actually already had the walls painted like that previously, and I decided to absolutely keep them and add pops of color everywhere. I loved how it turned turning out I should say!

What is your nursery theme?!