Girls Rock


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Awe, my little Addie Rae!!!! She brings my heart so much joy every single day. As her personality is growing more and more daily, she makes me laugh, think about things differently, sometimes a bit frustrated, but 99.9 percent of the time my heart is full of light because of her. She's a gentle soul this one. I see her watch other people and understand things at such a young age. But as gentle natured, as she is, she also has some strong will in her! Which I hope she hangs on to along with her bright and happy spirit.

We all know girls can sometimes, well, not be the nicest! I know I will not always be able to protect her very sensitive heart (sorry honey, you may have inherited that from momma), but man it's hard to feel that her heart and spirit will be crushed by other girls at some point. Even when they are little! But I am not writing this post to talk about mean girls she will face in her lifetime. I'm writing this post about how awesome girls really can be!

I want Addie to always see me uplift other women. I want her to see her mommy compliment other women daily. I want her to see me help others. I want her to grow up knowing kind words, helpful gestures, and being positive can go such a long way. Surrounding yourself with positive other strong women does so much good for your soul. We don't have time for the negative aspect of things in this household. It's absolutely not worth it and whew it's draining. Who wants that? Not us girls over here!

It starts with us mommies. Our daughters watch and see everything we do. If we are constantly negative towards others, using not so kind words, or just not happy, well they see this. If we constantly talk about what we hate about ourselves or our bodies, who do you think is listening from around the corner? No one is perfect, we all know this. But I challenge you to say positive things not only about other women in front of your daughters but say positive things about yourself as well.

Girls are kick as$. We are all very different but yet sooo much alike. There is room for all of us here. We all bring something different to the table, even if you don't think so. Don't get stuck comparing yourself to others, because you will NEVER be that person. You are you! That is amazing in itself and that's how God designed you to be. Stay positive my fellow girls. I promise you it brings so much more happiness to you in your life. And it's a ripple effect down to the young girls. I promise. It all starts with us, if you feel like you can be negative towards other women, I challenge you to dig down deep, find out why, and slowly give one other woman a compliment tomorrow!

Find your tribe ladies. There are so many cool women out there who are secure, positive, hilarious, fun, silly, smart, who will genuinely be happy for you, etc....they are rockstars waiting to rock life with you. Girlfriends are the best!

P.S. My daughter was SOOO excited to match me in these tees!! She kept saying, "Girl Power!" It was adorable. She also insisted her My Little Pony was also in these pictures. I cheered her and said, "absolutely!"

XOXO (extra XOXO today),