Jean Jackets and Momma's boys


Hey girls hey!!!!

So can we first talk about how much I'm loving the embroidered jean jacket trend right now?! I've had the same jean jacket probably for about 7 years. No joke. haha! And I have worn it every season for 7 years! (Maybe even longer). I purchased it at Zara, and I wear it every spring. So this spring, I treated myself to an updated version! (I still have my Zara jacket, and I'm sure you'll be seeing it!). I LOVE my new jacket from Anthropologie. The embroidered lace detail make it so girly, I can hardly stand it. Plus it's cute with just about anything. That's what I love so much about a great jean jacket. You can rock it over just about any look you want. And have them for years!!

This orange Tory Burch Clutch is also a fun added pop of color to just about ANY outfit you have on. It can be dressed up or dressed down. I fully believe a bright colored clutch can add so much detail and make any outfit you have on into a statement piece. You will always see me with bright colors and pops of hidden color here or there....because my eye is always drawn to them. Since I can remember! I've always been drawn to bright colors. They are cheerful to me, fun, festive, happy, and I love color (Maybe this is why I was a hair colorist for so long? haha). You can see this in my house as well. I decorate with a pop of color, in almost every room. Unfortunately, I have had this clutch for many years as well (just like my Zara Jean Jacket), so I couldn't find the exact clutch, but Tory Burch is known for their bright and fun colors. Of course they are still making bright orange purses. I have linked a couple to this post! I also am obsessed with these block heels for spring and summer! They go perfectly with almost every outfit and come in 3 different colors.

Guys, my little guy in this post! Swoon. haha! I know, I know..I'm bias. I'm his momma. He does not leave me alone when I'm in the room with him, so he would not let me even snap a few photos, with out him being attached at my hip (because he truly is). Which when I do really go to leave for something, maybe a girls night out, date night, or just have an appointment...THIS is honestly what happens! hehe. It's so hard to leave him! Plus he absolutely hates if I do. Which then of course the good old mom guilt sets in. My daughter went through this a little bit, and still does from time to time. But Tripp takes it to a whole different level! He's definitely a momma's boy. I never understood this relationship, until I had him. I grew up with 3 sisters, and never understood the mother, son relationship because I never experienced it myself. But don't worry future ladies of 2050. He will know how to do all his own laundry AND only call me twice a day. Not three times, okay? okay. :)

I hope everyone has a great week! Be on the lookout for my Friday Favorites this week!! I'm so excited to share my workout that I'm so passionate about!




Jessica Milligan