Mommy chat on Fitness during pregnancy, after pregnancy, and balancing motherhood


I've been waiting to put this post together for so long!! My original plan was hoping to get it done right before Mother's Day, but life happens and we had a very hard May over here. With my son going to the hospital for a few days (out of nowhere) and then followed by my pregnancy taking a bit of a turn, and having to slow WAY down. We all know life happens! So I'm so glad I'm finally able to share this video with you. Some awesome fellow mommy bloggers and experts were able to open up and share their knowledge on some subjects such as health + fitness while pregnant, the journey afterward, and trying to let go of some of that mom guilt!

Let's be honest it's not easy to fit in a fitness schedule while being a mom. Whether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom, both can be challenging in finding ways to make it a priority. But once you make it a routine and it's part of your lifestyle and your kids, I promise you all of it's worth it.

Let's also be honest its SOO hard to stick to a workout program while pregnant or start one!  There are so many challenges already, especially at first with nausea, extreme fatigue, and that nagging voice saying, "So what, I'm pregnant, do I really need to workout?" Well, the answer is yes. Why? It's extremely good for you and the baby. It helps with weight gain during pregnancy and even after! It also helps make labor and delivery easier for you. The biggest difference I have noticed was energy levels. I can't even begin to explain how much this helped me.  (I promise this one!)  I could go on and on about the benefits of working out while pregnant, here is a great article from on this very subject. Click HERE. There's also some judgment and confusion on the subject on which workout is the best for you while pregnant. Obviously, you want to check with your doctor about anything, but if you were working out before pregnancy, it's absolutely okay to stick with the same routine, with some modifications when needed!

So I grabbed some of my favorite mommy bloggers who talk a ton about fitness and nutrition on their very own blogs and we sat down and chatted about our own personal challenges on these very topics.

Meet the Ladies!

Molly Wey @Stilettodiapers

Molly is a mom of 3 boys! She has an amazing blog dedicated to style, life, being a mom, and a ton of great fitness inspiration and healthy meals! She gives great advice on how she makes it work on finding some time to workout with having 3 boys of her own. She always does the cutest and most creative things for her boys and you can tell she truly enjoys being a healthy boy momma!


Morgan Kline @Morgan.a.kline

Morgan and her husband Devin are the founders of Burn Boot Camp. Morgan has a passion for helping others live a fit and healthy lifestyle, especially other moms! She also recently started an amazing podcast, Coffee and Kettlebells, that talks about some really great topics such as balancing motherhood, self-improvement, and living a healthy lifestyle! Find her on iTunes, or click here to listen!


Julie Fagan @pbfingers

Julie has such an amazing blog! She has great nutrition advice and has a ton of delicious recipes right on her blog! She also blogs a lot about fitness. She posts most of her daily workouts on her Instagram stories. She blogs about her family life and also being a momma! She just had baby number two, which is a beautiful little boy! Can't wait to see her journey continue as a mommy of two boys. Wishing them all the best!

Check out our mommy chat here! If you have any questions for any of us, please reach out to me! Or leave a comment below and I will make sure to answer your question!



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