Morning Madness in Pink


Pink WildFox Sweater/ Jeans/ Converse sneakers/ Bacon and Egg PJ'sGirl Bacon and Egg PJ's/ Hubby's Nike Shoes

Hey Hey!

So this is just a glimpse into our crazy mornings over here! It's one of those things, its a beautiful crazy mess. Every morning. So for any of you moms out there who have perfect organized mornings. Please tell me how to do that in the comment section below!! LOL!

Our morning routine usually consists of my almost 3 year old, crying because she does not want to change out of her pjs. (This whole having a temper tantrum because of pretty much anything, is new, and OMG...I understand why they say 3 is the hardest year.) So I usually have to let them wake up, go downstairs and make breakfast, play for a little bit, then try the whole, lets put real clothes on thing. My daughter goes to pre-school 3 days a week, for just a few hours in the morning. She LOVES it, and it has been such a blessing for her. But that does make those mornings a bit hectic with a 3 year old and a 16 month old flying out the door all ready to go, been fed, and ready for the day by 8:45am! I'm not sure if it gets easier as they get older, or harder?

I do love the mornings when we all can just stay in our PJ's for awhile :). Plus I love just snuggling them all morning while watching Daniel the Tiger or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...And drinking and drinking coffee!! How cute are little ones in PJ's? It's the best! I love the bacon and egg pj's my little guy has on. They have pink ones for the girls as well. Too cute. My hubby is usually trying to rush out the door, just as much as we are! We all like our sleep in this house. I usually just throw on a big comfy sweater and jeans, or leggings and workout apparel and leave the house! I LOVE this pink open back sweater by WILDFOX. It's incredibly comfortable, and the most perfect shade of pink! My husband usually gets to dress pretty casual, which he loves. I love his shoes in this post, (he loves shoes as much as me). They are super trendy, comfortable, and great for a work style environment that does let you dress a bit casual. But fun for the weekends as well. They would be great for your hubs or boyfriend. Shop them here!

My little guy, Tripp, who is 16 months old, still gives me a huge battle about eating food. He actually is a very picky eater. Even though he does not look like it one bit, ha! I didn't experience this as much with my daughter, so I have tried pretty much anything and everything with him. I usually end up making them a breakfast smoothie with protein and greens in it almost every morning. It makes me feel better, that he is getting protein at least and some greens! But our usual breakfast go to in this house for both of them is my Blueberry-Banana Pancakes! They both love them, plus they are healthy and easy to make! And my daughter loves to help me :).

Blueberry-Banana Pancakes

1 Banana

Fresh or Frozen Blueberries

2 eggs

2 tsp of Cinnamon

1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

Mash the banana with a fork or spoon. All the way until the banana is almost pure mush. Add the two eggs and mix all together. Add the Cinnamon and Vanilla. Add in as much blueberries as you would like. Spray and heat a pan over medium-high heat.  This recipe usually makes 4 small pancakes. Make sure you do not flip the pancake until the side is bubbling even through the middle. Because there is no flour or anything in these pancakes it can make the consistency harder to flip! I usually top them with Almond butter, Natural Peanut butter, or some Honey!