Pregnancy Update Week 34/35


We are truly in the last and final few weeks here with my pregnancy! (WHooo-hoo!) But let me tell you, the third trimester is NOT an easy road for me the past two pregnancies I have had. But I know it's all so very worth it, and I'm getting so excited to meet our little girl.

My second trimester was actually pretty great this pregnancy. I felt good, my energy was back up (most days), I was still able to workout as much as I wanted and I felt good! I was secretly hoping that all would stick around through most of the third trimester! Even though I knew I had a pretty rough third trimester with my second. I had many, many days of contracting for hours and hours, dilating, I stayed in the hospital twice before giving birth to him. So I figured it may happen again, being this is my third!

I definitely have been contracting again since about week 28/29. I officially was put on "moderate bed rest" this past week because I am already dilated to a 4 and her head is right there. Yikes! The same thing happened with my second, so I figured we would be going through all of this again. The thing that is scary is that technically I'm only 34 weeks pregnant. I keep thinking I'm a few ahead because my baby has been measuring 4 weeks ahead of schedule since early on. They have talked about moving her due date up a few times, but have never pulled that trigger. So they are looking at the situation as I'm only 34 weeks pregnant. Size-wise, she would already be fine if she made an appearance. But it's the lungs they worry about being this early. 37 weeks is considered a full-term baby. So they definitely want me to try and rest as much as possible for a couple more weeks! Which is very hard with a 4-year-old and 2 -year- old! I have found a great sitter to help me out for the time being with the kids and my hubs is also doing an amazing job helping me out. This is when not having any family near us can be very hard! I'm so thankful we are surrounded by great people that are truly willing to help us out right now. I don't know what we would do otherwise. So this momma is trying her best to just rest when I can, which is not always easy! But this week has been the hardest for me yet, with tiredness, cramping, contractions, and a bit of nausea. So to be honest, it feels the best when I'm just able to lay down for awhile! Doesn't all of that sound like such fun? haha. It's all worth it :).

Do I still workout?

I had to stop working out around week 29. When my contractions started consistently. I was feeling great up until that point! I was truly hoping I could have stuck with my workouts at Burn Boot Camp for a few more weeks, but I knew how my last pregnancy went, so I was prepared for the same thing happening this time around. And I'm okay with that. I've talked about this my entire pregnancy, working out while your pregnant is ALL about listening to your body! My body was telling me, I was not capable of working out like that beyond a certain point. And that is absolutely okay. The number one priority is the baby and my own health! Weeks 29-32 I did some light stretching at home and a few modified things I knew my body was okay with. But I had to put a stop to all of it this past week. I'll be ready to jump back in when the time comes, and can not wait to share my journey with all of you!

What am I eating?

Eating during my entire pregnancy is hard for me. With all three pregnancies, this has been the same. The first trimester I'm so sick I can barely eat or keep down a thing! Lots of ginger-ale and crackers. And fruit! During my second trimester when I'm feeling so much better, I got back on to my normal clean eating, and this pregnancy I was doing great! I was still cooking healthy meals. I felt like I could stay on track nutrition wise, with indulging in some pregnancy cravings when needed. I've been craving beef this pregnancy. Which is funny, because I was completely plant-based for months before I got pregnant! I've had my iron levels tested a few times during this pregnancy, and they are fine. So I've been absolutely okay with eating beef from time to time! Because I believe it is all about listening to your body. I've been having my husband grill me lots of grass-fed and local hamburgers. haha! I also would be fine with eating oatmeal and fruit for the entire day and nothing else. The past couple of weeks my appetite has gone WAY down. I feel so full all the time and it's hard for me to eat big meals. I stick to small snacks throughout the day and then try to eat a light dinner. I have been loving chopped salads! We've been making this one on repeat. Smoothies are also great for getting some nutrition in when you are feeling so full or it's hard to eat.

Southwestern Avocado Chopped Salad




Bell pepper

Chopped Chicken (I've been liking BBQ chopped chicken from the grill)

Black Beans


Mix all ingredients into a bowl. Chop all of the veggies and chicken into small bites! (I don't know why I've been liking this better, but I have!). We then top it with Primal Kitchen's Ranch Dressing mixed with a little Organic Taco seasoning. This is the easiest throw together weeknight meal you could do! We just grill some Organic Chicken breasts, chopped them into tiny bites and throw them on top of the salad!

When will we be on Baby Watch?

We are getting close to being on baby watch. I'm hoping she will stay in the oven a little longer and she may just be giving me a run for my money all the way until the very end! She is measuring 40 weeks July 9th, which is a little earlier than her original due date. So we shall see when she makes her appearance! Due dates are due dates. The baby will come when he or she wants to!! I've learned this being my third-pregnancy. Ha! But I can't tell you how excited we are getting to meet her! Especially her older sister and brother :).