Pregnancy workout at home with a dip station!

I am officially in my third trimester! (Whooo-hooo!) This has been my most active pregnancy out of all three and I can't tell you how great I feel. (Most days, ha!) I have had a ton of back pain this pregnancy, right from the start, but I have been seeing a chiropractor twice a week and it has helped tremendously! This is a great at home workout that I love to do out in my driveway while my kiddos are playing. I feel like these exercises have been great to keep up my strength while pregnant! Plus getting your blood moving and doing resistance training is great for pregnancy. (IF your body feels okay, and you have talked with your doctor). Resistance training during pregnancy has numerous benefits that include less weight gain, easier labor, and definitely more energy! (yes, please!). I wouldn't recommend starting a new workout routine while pregnant, but if you were doing resistance training beforehand, you should absolutely be okay doing it while pregnant! Working out while pregnant is all about listening to your body. There are absolutely days where I feel like there's no way my body would allow me to do certain exercises. And that's okay! Other days I feel great and feel like I can still do almost any exercise, I previously was able to do with some minor adjustments or modifications.  Make sure to always talk with your doctor about any exercise regiment while pregnant. 

Exercise one: Dips

If you want to invest in an at-home Dip Station, it's one of my favorite things to add to an at home workout! Plus you can use the station for a lot more than dips! But if you don't have one on hand, grab a chair or bench! You can still get in your dips and get your arms burning. Make sure you start with your feet in front of you (the further out they are, the harder the exercise will be for you). Lower your butt to the ground. Bending your elbows to 90 degrees and then push back up. Dips are great for working out triceps but also chest and front shoulders. 12-15 reps. 3x. Think of the next three exercises as a circuit!


Exercise two: Pull Up

So there's a few different ways and methods you can do a pull up with a dip station. You can use both bars and have your hand on each handle and pull yourself up, while your body is in the middle of both bars, or like I am pictured you can use one handle, put your body completely under the bar and use your arms to pull up. When I'm not pregnant you can even put your feet on the bar body out in front of the dip bar and do a traditional push-up. WHEW those burn! What muscles are you working doing a modified pull-up? You are working your lower back, those biceps, and shoulders! 10 reps 3x


Exercise Three: Lunges 

Get your heart rate up and legs burning with some good old lunges! I'm sure you're familiar with lunges, but this exercise not only gets your heart rate up but it's targeting several muscle groups simultaneously.  Your glutes are working, hips, hamstrings, quadriceps, and your calves. You are also working your abdominal muscles and back because they are being stabilized while you lunge. Lunge 10-12 reps each leg 3x.


Exercise Four: Go for a walk! 

If you are already a momma, put those kids/kid in the stroller and head out for a good 20-minute walk! Walk at a fast pace (if your body is allowing you to), get your heart rate up and let this be your finisher. Make sure you are always drinking a ton of water while you workout while pregnant. This is good for keeping you not only hydrated but it helps keep your energy up! I linked one of my favorite water bottles below. It keeps the water cold for so long but helps me drink a ton of water during the day. (I don't know why having a straw does this, but it does...haha!).

Have fun! Remember working out while pregnant is ALL about listening to your body. It is SO good for you and your baby to stay active. You will have an easier time getting back to normal after pregnancy as well. There are so many benefits! Plus I can't tell you how much it helps me have energy while pregnant. (HOLY tired this pregnancy!)  I feel a HUGE difference on the days I get a workout in. It makes me feel great. If your body is not able to do all of these exercises. I challenge you to even just get outside and go for a 20-minute walk! Let me know if you try this or you have any questions!




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