Staying motivated while traveling!


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Hey hey hey!

We all know when traveling and out of our everyday schedule, staying motivated to workout and eating healthy is not always the easiest! We have been back in Chicago staying at my mom's house for almost 2.5 weeks straight! We have had three weddings to travel to, so we thought it would by far be the easiest to land in Chicago. Have help with my parents and not fly 6 times with a 3 and 1-year-old. These were all important weddings we wanted to make it to so it was a priority for us, to do what we needed to do! But......out of our everyday routine with working out, cooking, and just everyday life can be hard on all of us! So here are my tips for staying on track while traveling!

Get a week or daily pass to a nearby gym! 

Since we were out of town for so long, I got a two-week pass at a local gym for 30.00. I mean you can't really beat that deal! Plus I had an extra set of helping hands, so I got to sneak away almost every day and have a great workout! It has been a long time since I have been to a regular gym and workout on my own. So I followed BBG stronger program from Kayla Itsines and LOVED it! I will have to say, I did the original BBG program a few years ago right after my daughter was born and was a true fan. Now they have that fancy app and wow, it's incredibly easy to follow and loved the workouts they had for each day. Plus I got my heavy weightlifting in using the stronger program. #STRONGMOMMA

I can't wait to get back to my Burn Boot Camp though. haha!

Workout outside with your kids! 

We all know I'm a big fan of this! Sometimes we just can't get to the gym or life happens. I still break out a mat or go for a run with my kiddos. I did not have my running stroller here in Chicago with me, which I was REALLY missing. So I went on a few runs by myself and also just did some planks workouts outside when the kids were running around like wild Indians.

Plank workout:

  1. Grab a mat, head outside on a beautiful day when your kiddos want to play! (Or inside if it's not so beautiful).

  2. Hold a high plank for as long as you can. Time yourself. Push yourself daily to beat your time the previous day! Do this for at least 5-7 minutes. (Try to hold this long if you can! If you break, push yourself right back up!)

  3. Do plank up and downs 10 on each side 3x.

  4. Add one arm plank holds for 1 minute each side. 3x.

  5. I also add donkey kicks in (which are my fav), I do 10 each leg 3x.

Go to the grocery store yourself!

It's easy to fall into other peoples eating routine when your visiting. Even though my mom eats pretty healthy, I love cooking! I also love eating lots of clean and plant-based meals. So I just went grocery shopping when I arrived, got things we usually eat, and I offered to cook a lot of the meals myself, which my mom was incredibly happy about.  I mean I wasn't perfect, I 100% got my Lou Malnati's Chicago pizza at least twice. (This is an absolute must if you are ever in the Chicago-land area!). And I drank way more then I usually do every weekend with all these weddings. (sigh). This recipe was a HUGE hit with even non-plant based humans. haha!


I got this recipe from Kaylan's Kitchen and absolutely LOVED it. Click here for the exact recipe.

It's all about balance!

You are traveling remember! You're either on vacation or are visiting friends and family. You won't be perfect and that's okay! I try not to get hard on myself and just enjoy the time we are having here. You will be back into your normal routine in no time and you will have made so many memories with your family/friends. Eat the pizza. Drink the wine. Just make sure it's all a bit balanced!