Summer Maternity Wardrobe with only 10 pieces!

Hey Everybody!

I put this little maternity summer capsule together because I truly do NOT like buying a lot of maternity clothes during my pregnancies. Maternity clothing can be very expensive, and we all know we don't wear it forever! But we get to a point in our pregnancy where most of the time we have no other choice! haha! So I like to have just a couple staples like shorts and jeans, leggings, and a t-shirt/tank to make due! Then you could add a few other things to the capsule, that don't necessarily have to be maternity but can definitely make you still feel comfortable and stylish. Summer is extremely hot to be 9 months pregnant, whew, but it's also easy to get away with a few easy styles that aren't maternity! Maxis are great, relaxed fitting dresses and oversized t-shirts or kimonos are my favorite. Plus you can wear those things AFTER pregnancy as well!


Also, a great place to shop for some inexpensive maternity items is Pink Blush. 

 Here are a two of the items I posted in my collage that I thought would work great for a capsule and you can mix and match with so many other items!


I LOVE this tank for summer!!! Shop here!


Hopefully, this can give you a few tips to navigate summer with your adorable bump!!