Surprise, baby number THREE!


Hey All!

Well, Surprise! Is what my 17 sticks I peed on yelled back to me. haha. We are having baby number three!! I'm still wrapping my head around this, but today is my first official day in my second trimester and I'm also starting to feel a little better the last few days.  As I'm starting to feel better, I am getting excited. Even though I will not lie, it's taken me 14 weeks to feel excited!

We were about 80-90% sure we were done having kiddos. We have the girl and the boy, so we felt good about our little family of four. But there was that 10-20% of feeling like our family was not complete. I have always said I would love a big family when everyone is older. haha! So I guess I'm getting my wish! As a mom to a 3.5-year-old and a 2-year-old, I already have my hands very full. I know all the super moms out there who have 3, 4, 5 or more and rock it. But I was a little worried about adding another tiny human to the clan. But we will all survive and I feel so blessed to even have this opportunity God has blessed us with. I know this baby is meant to be in our family and will complete it in a way that we never even knew was missing. My daughter could not be more excited and she will be at such a good age to actually understand and remember what is going on. Although, she is demanding it will only be a sister and she will not have another brother. Ha! I keep telling her, "honey, mommy does not have a say in this. It's God's decision if we have a boy or a girl." Followed by, "It's also all on your daddy." (Scientifically, that's true. haha).

I knew I was pregnant pretty early on. I always get pretty sick and nauseous right away. Also, my love for wine get's thrown out the window right away!  So I knew. "Oh man, that red wine looks so terrible, OMG, I'm pregnant". I also was sitting getting a manicure and started sweating and thinking, "I'm about to barf at any moment. On this poor lady's head. Oh goodness, I need to head to CVS after this and grab a few boxes of tests...". haha. As I looked at all my tests, I started to cry. I felt overwhelmed with the feeling, how am I going to do this? I also get soooooo sick during my pregnancy it's hard to be a mommy. I know that's all short-term but, I mean from the moment I wake up until the moment I got to bed it's hard. I hate this feeling because I'm so used to waking up and wanting to accomplish a lot throughout the day! And that is just not possible while feeling so sick. I told my husband by wrapping up all my tests in tissue paper, grabbed a birthday bag, stuffed them all in there and when he got home from work said, "Happy Birthday, Honey!" He looked at me, like what? It's, not my birthday? He had to take a few moments himself, but he honestly from the very beginning has been more excited than me! His thoughts..."Yes!!!  If it's another boy, there's even more of a chance we will have a rockstar athlete". Haha. That's the male brain for you. But truth be told, he has been so much help to me during these very rough 14 weeks. He's had to pull a lot more weight around here than usual and has been so much help. I don't have family that lives close by and this is when I so desperately wish we did. But we survived, I've made it a full 5 days without actually throwing up and am starting to feel a bit like myself again! Which I'm so thankful for because, with my son, I was sick for 23 weeks. Being pregnant for the third time, I've realized they have all been different pregnancies and I'm beyond grateful for this miracle we have been given. Even though it's hard on me physically, I still feel so very grateful. I don't want anyone to think I'm complaining or feel ungrateful. I'm just being very honest with how I feel and the struggles I have during pregnancy.

So today is my first official day in my second trimester. I'm starting to feel so much better (during the day), and I'm becoming more and more excited! I would take another Addie or Tripp any day!!! I can't wait to find out if we will soon be a family with more boys or girls. I know I will have my hands full but I feel so blessed to continue to grow our family and have lots more tiny feet and hands running around here like wild animals. Being a mom fills my heart up with more joy than I ever even knew was possible, so to add more joy to my heart makes me tear up! So baby number three, here we come! We feel so blessed by you, and can not wait to meet you, in July!!!

I will be blogging throughout my pregnancy about different things. I will be focusing on a lot of health and fitness posts during my own pregnancy and what has worked and doesn't work for me!

Thanks for reading my post and let me know if any of you have ever felt similar!!



Photography: Dani Nicole Photography