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My thoughts on maternity photos

I can't believe my little Lilah girl is already two weeks old! So this makes this post and these pictures extra special and why I want to share my thoughts on Maternity Photos.

This pregnancy was the first time I actually took some maternity photos. I remember thinking with my previous two, will I really want pictures of my bump? I'm here to tell all of you, if you like being pregnant or not, you WILL want some bump photos of yourself. I didn't want anything over the top or fake, I just wanted a few simple photos of me and my belly. Dani Nicole Photography listened to exactly what I wanted and envisioned. Per usual. It was an impromptu session, and I had asked her if she could just do a simple silhouette of me and my girl. Looking at the black and white silhouette photo brings tears to my eyes a little bit.  I'm so thankful I have this photo. I'm 99.9 percent positive this was my last pregnancy, (please god), so I'm so grateful to have captured this time in my life. So ladies, yes! Take those photos. You will want to capture that special time in your life. Even if you feel like crap for 9 months like me.

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